Roy Bedichek Middle School

Bedichek Revalidates as an AVID National Demonstration School

Congratulations to Bedichek Middle School on the three year revalidation as being an AVID National Demonstration School. On October 23rd, 2018, representatives from AVID Center spent five hours at Bedichek, speaking with principal Michael Herbin and AVID Coordinator Danille Sanchez. The time was spent learning about schoolwide systems set in place to close the achievement gap for all students. AVID Center visited both AVID and content classes from grades 6-8, observing student-centered instruction, speaking with students and evaluating student binders, interactive student notebooks and student agendas.

Among the commendations were data driven decision making, AVID being the common language schoolwide and an inclusive leadership where teachers are the campus leaders. Additionally, Bedichek offers various pathways to advance students into high school level math classes and currently has 173 students taking Algebra or Geometry. That number continues to climb every year.

Bedichek initially validated in 2014 and continues to implement AVID schoolwide with the utmost fidelity.