Vision and Mission


Advancing individual determination and academic growth through a commitment to the whole child. 


At Bedichek Middle School we focus on whole child education. Our mission is to empower our students:

  • to become leaders in and out of the classroom
  • to think and act creatively 
  • to grow academically
  • to have high expectations of themselves


  • Offer all students an expansive variety of educational opportunities that encompass a wealth of college, career, military, and fine arts experiences
  • Provide fine arts offerings that rival private instruction
  • Establish a school-wide culture of college readiness that aligns the AVID framework
  • Close the opportunity gap, by ensuring students have access to the most rigorous courses and advanced academic pathways
  • Instill a growth mindset in our students through continuously setting goals and reflecting on progress
  • Involve every student in at least one campus-based program or pathway (examples: entrepreneurship, orchestra, steel drums, advanced art, PLTW, yearbook, varsity soccer, AVID, Einstein Jr., etc.)
  • Develop students who fit the Bedichek student profile of being a: confident risk taker, lifelong learner, creative, innovative, SEL proficient, self-advocate, and possessing strong 21st century professional skills.